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"The Late Nights are exactly what an indie piano rock band should be."
-Jonathan's mom

The Late Nights are a brand new band based out of Los Angeles, California.

Their penchant for storytelling, creative songwriting, and impressive musicianship converge for a truly original sound. Their unique voice stands on the shoulders of giants, like Billy Joel, Elton John, and Ben Folds Five, blending classic sensibilities with a modern flair.

The band may be new, but its players are certainly not! Jonathan and Michael were college roommates and have been writing and playing music together for over fifteen years. Jonathan and Tim are reuniting after having played together in a previous band in the mid-2010s. 

With catchy, thought-provoking music and a fantastic stage presence, The Late Nights rock from sunset to sunrise.

Jonathan Katz - piano/vocals

Michael Pizzuto - bass/guitar/vocals

Tim Schaaff - drums/coolguy


We found a piano on the street and had a photoshoot. Then turned it upright and played some songs to lonely people stuck in their apartments during COVID.

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